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pronounced  (Yaw-nay)


beauty from within

Our Story 

Meet our Founder


Marius Knuckles-Thompson

Marius is no stranger to fashion, in fact after realizing that her personal collection of accessories was enough to have a pop up shop, BeyondYane' was born. Marius was forced to leave her native country of Liberia, West Africa as a child.  She explains it  like going to a sleep over and never returning home. Unaware that some survival skills used during the war would groom her enterprenuer spirit. 


 January 2015 with a leap of faith, BeyondYane' Online and Pop-Up Boutique was launched. This would consist  of vending at varies events. While Marius enjoyed vending, networking and meeting people, there just wasn't enough room to showcase her products.  A store front was in the making. 


The plan was to open a physical location in 2020, however we know that most of the world's plan was changed. Fimilar with life disruptions and now limited physical interations, Marius was forced to adapt once again.  "The pandemic is more than Covid-19, " Marius explains. The repeative  overwhelming news would only bring back memories of Liberia's Civil War. Different weapons but war. Virtual  Sip and Shop took over vending events. It seemed like people enjoyed accessoizing for the cameras. As things opened up each move was carefully navigated. Visiting outdoors events until finally prepared to vend again in mid 2021.

December 2022, nearly two years later from Marius's original goal of opening a store front, the decision was made. Marius depended on her religious belief before taking this jump of faith. We are a family-oriented business based in Raleigh, North Carloina. BeyondYane' offer   Afro-Centric inspired Statement Accessories and Gift giving items.

"Jewlery is my art" says Marius.  Our accessories are more than fashion "it's a part of my culture. "We create as well  as work with local, national, and international Artisians. The most rewarding part has been working with Artisians from my home land of Liberia!" 


"You are altogether beautiful, my love: there is no flaw in you."

-Solomon 4:7

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